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Events Diary

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  • 2016
  • World Kidney Day

  • 2015
  • UKCPA Autumn Symposium 2015 – details released, registration open!

    All our symposia work sessions have specific learning outcomes which will enable you to see how your practice will benefit from your attendance. We have also mapped these learning outcomes to the Advanced Pharmacy Framework (APF) so that you can easily identify the level that the work session is aimed at, and the professional development benefits you can achieve. Attending these work sessions will give you the opportunity to apply the knowledge learnt in order to achieve the competencies outlined in the APF. Don’t forget that you can enter your attendance at work sessions into your CPD or Faculty portfolio. Each work session, where appropriate (please refer to the at a glance document or programme overview), will have a key to the level it will be delivered at. The key to the delivery level for work sessions, where not noted in full, based on the APF are: F = Foundation, II = Advanced Stage II, I = Advanced Stage I, M = Advanced Stage Mastery

  • UK Renal Pharmacy Group September Conference